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To contact us:

Phone: (800)517-6455 or 319-868-5780

Fax: (319)868-3023

E-mail: sales@midwestbreathingair.com


Maintenance includes:


 Filter system change

 Oil change

 Carbon monoxide & moisture check

 Inspection & adjustment of safety valves, gauges, shut offs

 Air quality analysis

 Complete cleaning of unit

Contact Mindy or Marjie with the make and model of your compressor. We can give you an estimate for maintaining your compressor.

Programs available for all makes of breathing air compressors including: Eagle, Mako, Bauer, Hypres, MaxAir, Posieden.

Exceeds NFPA


Our maintenance program is designed to provide:

 Reliable performance from your high pressure breathing air compressor

 Increased life expectancy

 Quality breathing air

Who is maintaining your compressor?

42 Years of Experience