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Text Box: The BARON product group is Eagle’s flagship product design concept with features that define focus, commitment to unsurpassed operator safety, user-friendly functionality, operational versatility, and seamless appliance finish.

The BARON product line is designed to meet most air demand requirements and includes models with a charging rate capacity range of 8 to 38 cubic feet per minute (CFM). All models feature compressors with a working pressure of 6000 PSI and include a vast array of advanced air flow controls that can be configured to meet exacting user needs.

The BARON world-class appliance cabinet designs are available with five (5) compressor sizes and packaged in three (3) configuration options as follow:
The turn-key, single appliance BARONCFS breathing air system that is comprised of the TALONBAC breathing air compressor and the SafestationX3 fill station
The TALONBAC breathing air compressor can be purchased as a separate appliance with our high capacity, versatile containment design SAFESTATION fill station.
Each of the above can be fitted with your choice of ASME or DOT air storage cylinders, integral to the BARONCFS or SAFESTATIONX3 appliance or in a separate rack mounted configuration.

 BARON Product Line

Looking for Mobile Breathing Air System Components including ASME & Dot Air Storage Systems, Mobile Breathing Air Compressor, Mobile Fill Station, Control Panels, Eagle Compressors, Inc have what you need to meet your air demand needs while on the scene.

Have air stored in 4500 psi or 6000 psi Cascade Cylinders for immediate availability when you need it most.  Cylinders can be integrated into a SAFESTATION unit, stored in a horizontal or vertical rack, or integrated into a Mobile Application.

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Text Box: We carry a multitude of fittings and can provide you with any length of high pressure hose that you need for your breathing air equipment.
Text Box: Midwest Breathing Air L.L.C. will service and repair Eagle, Mako, Bauer, Posieden, Ingersol Rand, MaxAir, Hypres, Scott/American Bristol, LMF, and Star Compressors

The RAPTOR product group is Eagle’s latest development and its design reflects a philosophy and proven track record of technology driven product development focusing on operator safety, operational efficiency and user-friendly features.


The RAPTOR product line is ideal for highly variable demand users but with an air capacity range, working pressure and enhanced features to perform at a level expected of much larger air systems.


The RAPTOR product line features world-class appliance cabinet designs in three (3) configuration options to meet your exact requirements as featured below:

· Innovative, single appliance RAPTORCFS breathing air system that is comprised of the RAPTORBAC breathing air compressor and the SAFESTATIONX2 fill station

· RAPTORBAC breathing air compressor can be purchased as a separate appliance with our operator-friendly, containment design SAFESTATION fill station 

· Each of these can be fitted with your choice of ASME or DOT air storage cylinders integral to the RAPTORCFS or SAFESTATION.


RAPTOR Product Line


Mobile Applications

Innovation, experience and advanced design technology are the driving forces behind the EagleAir SAFESTATION containment design, SCBA/SCUBA cylinder fill stations.


· Whether integrated into one appliance for a RAPTORCFS or BARONCFS (cylinders fill systems) or as a stand alone appliance, the SAFESTATION includes the best available in safety and user friendly features including:


· Flexibility to manage multiple SCBA and SCUBA cylinder types with varying pressures and air storage control.


· Cabinet is engineered to contain the effect of suddenly expanded high pressure air in the event of a cylinder or component rupture and features three layers of containment protection for operators.


· Unique AirLock access door design for maximum operator comfort.  Click the handle up to raise and trap the door completely behind the cabinet frame for filling  Click the handle down to lower the door and clear the cabinet frame to open.  Balanced door and cylinder holding sleeves tilt effortlessly for loading and unloading cylinders.


· Capability to add integral air storage cylinders directly piped to optional cascade control panel configurations.


· Easy to understand graphic-technology panels helps user operate with ease

With today’s demands for Homeland Security, Hazmat support, Biohazard possibilities, having a ready source of clean safe breathing air becomes an absolute necessity. The  possibilities are endless with the addition of mobile breathing air systems incorporated in on a new vehicle, existing vehicle, Mobile Air Trailer or Custom Enclosed trailer.  With the ability to fill from a cascade system alone, or with addition of the compressor, it is possible to keep up with most any demand for breathing air.

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