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· Appliance cabinet design

· Operation simplified through the use of graphic technology that groups all the control and air flow components used in the SCBA/SCUBA filling process

· Optional cascade control panel

· AirLock access door, ‘click door handle down to open, click door handle up to close’


Optional Features

· Capacity for up to three SCUBAs/SCBAs

· Up to six bank cascades on three cylinder fill station SSX3

· Dual regulator fill packages

· Integral 50’AirReel Option available on the three cylinder fill station SSX3


SAFESTATION Containment Fill Station

SSX2 Dimensions

Height:   66”

Width:   25.75”

Depth:   29.5”

Weight:   935 lbs

SSX3 Dimensions

Height:   71”

Width:   34.5”

Depth:   36”

Weight:   1400 lbs